I am an English music composer from Liverpool, born in 1976.  My Dad taught me how to play the guitar, which I began learning at the age of 6.  As a child, I was brought up on the music of Queen and The Beatles, as well as many other rock bands and guitarists such as Gary Moore and Steve Vai.  Gigging 3 nights a week at the age of 17 and playing lead guitar in cabaret bands was a great experience.  In my teens I was listening to various soundtracks by John Carpenter and John Williams.  Over 15 years ago I walked into a record shop in Liverpool and I was drawn to the cover of an album soundtrack called ‘Darkman’, which was composed by Danny Elfman.  I loved his music and eventually bought most of Elfman’s soundtracks, which I studied in depth.

In 1993 I took a Preparatory course in ‘Light Music’ for 1 year and then went onto study a Foundation Course in Commercial Music and a Diploma In Jazz.  Then in 1997, I completed a Higher National Diploma (HND) in Music which focused mainly on Classical and Twentieth Century Music styles.  I returned to further education in 2012 and completed a Degree in Music Technology and Sound Design.

I decided to become a self-employed music composer in 2009. I have built up a client base over the past 6 years and am currently working with various animation studios and composing music and sound design for animated films, tv commercials, games and various other media. I am currently working with trailer music companies creating music cues.


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